Official emblem of the distinctive Milwaukee web designers known for highest-quality work

Milwaukee WordPress Developers

Official emblem of the distinctive Milwaukee web designers known for highest-quality work

Milwaukee WordPress Developers

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Official emblem of the distinctive Milwaukee web designers known for highest-quality work

Milwaukee WordPress Developers

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We have the capacity to create killer custom websites faster and cheaper than you imagined. It's why Milwaukee chooses Javelin for WordPress web design.

Milwaukee WordPress Web Designers

For WordPress website design, Milwaukee chooses Javelin. Why? We know how to fully leverage it to burnish your image and promote your business online. It's a secure, safe, stable and scalable platform for everything from small-business sites, to ecommerce, to enterprise corporate websites. A huge developer community continually improves it. Compared to template-driven systems, WordPress provides almost unlimited creative freedom. We never employ stock, cookie-cutter themes. Our preferred development process uses Elegant Themes' Divi builder in tandem with the dynamic Smart Slider 3 HTML module. That gets you a killer custom website fully tricked out with hypermobile technology. And, one you will be able to manage internally. To do all of this takes a lot less time and money than in the old days. Please note: We also are fluent in other popular platforms, not just WordPress. See below.

Our Two Favorite CMS Platforms

WordPress began as a blogging platform. That's still its best use. But it also has evolved into a great general-purpose development system for websites of all types. It's easier to master for nontechnical people. WordPress excels as a framework for dynamic, image-rich sites that need to make a big splash.
For slick, simple, straightforward, small-business websites, WordPress is now the industry standard. Even some big corporate sites use it.
It boasts an astounding 60 percent market share among all open-source CMS website building systems. An estimated one out of four total websites worldwide are powered by WordPress.
For customers who want to manage their own website, it's the way to go. No coding is required for everyday management of WordPress sites. Millions of noncoders actually build WordPress websites from scratch.
Although it has a reputation as simple to work with, that's going to depend on your skill sets and your comfort level with digital systems. Your easy might be another person's nightmare.

Other Milwaukee WordPress web designers cut corners by falling back on the proverbial "website in a can." Thousands of cheap stock themes are available through the WordPress ecosystem. But maybe only one percent of them are any good. And those ones get used over and over.
That's not something we ever like to do. All our sites are custom products. The type of client who engages us wants to look distinctive and stand out from the crowd. An el-cheapo website factory we are not.
Our go-to theme - Divi - isn't a theme at all in the conventional sense. It is more akin to the layered page layout systems used in print publishing. Divi applies those concepts to digital publishing. Things have evolved to the point where we can make it into a website if we can imagine it.
This design system confers one last important advantage: unprecedented control of the mobile experience. To get what we want, across all viewing devices, we can employ up to six layers of responsivity. You the client are assured that all visitors to your site will have a great user experience whether they are viewing it on a tiny old iPhone or 1080i widescreen monitor.

Our Two Favorite CMS Platforms

worthy contenders

Drupal and Joomla are the next-most-popular open-sourced content management systems for building websites. Joomla has a fervent worldwide fanbase but is less known here in the U.S. Drupal has an even smaller U.S. footprint, but with an exceptionally enthusiastic fanbase of IT engineers.


Scalability and versatility set Drupal apart. In the right hands it becomes a publishing hub, interfacing with internal digital management systems and pushing content outward into other communications channels beyond the company website.
It is known more for productivity than looks, and yet great-looking websites can be readily achieved. When the website needs to interact in real time with data-hungry product managers under pressure to make informed decisions, that's where Drupal shines.
Much more so than WordPress, Drupal excels as a platform for applications development. It's another reason why big companies love it. The core corporate website can populate content outward to farflung brand websites, eliminating duplication, keeping everything consistent and minimizing labor.

No other open-source CMS out there can do that.
While the system and the majority of its productivity modules are free, cheap is not something Drupal adopters focus on. It mainly serves deep-pocketed commercial clients with significant internal IT resources. Your site management team will need to include ninja coders.
While Drupal is an outstanding option for big manufacturers, we don't push it as a small-business solution.


Joomla was one of the first open-source website builder applications. This highly evolved content management system features an intuitive graphical user interface that can be readily mastered by nonprogrammers. You don't need to be a coder by any means, but Joomla is also famous as a coder's paradise, because it is so extendable.
On top of it we install an advanced content editor that lets you write and edit articles just as you would using Microsoft Word. It's also easy to upload pictures and graphics and install portals for your videos. The system accepts specialty plugin components for wide-ranging tasks.
Exactly how we build the site depends on who will manage it. We can configure it to permit you to easily update the content from the public "frontend." Or, if you just want us to handle everything, we would use more advanced responsive layout techniques which require professional management skills.
This platform is ideal for big, complex websites which have separate and distinct sections. They may serve a diverse, highly engaged user community. Often there are multiple user groups, each with different permissions. Joomla is ideal for clubs and associations.
Over the years Joomla has been unfairly dissed for being uncool. In fact we can make awesome websites with it. Remember that the art is in the artist, not the artist's tools.

and many more!

Today there are dozens of specialty platforms out there for building websites. Our base competencies equip us to work with any of them. They range from ultra-simple DIY hosted systems like the GoDaddy Website Builder, to niche website builders like Shopify for e-commerce.
At the pinnacle of the range, all-in-one, closed-universe content management systems like Kentico and Umbraco strive to be all things to everyone. Without need for millions of plugins; but at the steepest price points in the industry. Nowadays there are also hosted DIY builders for membership enterprises and nonprofits.
While they serve disparate market segments, all of them work pretty much alike. If we don't already know the platform, we can get up to speed for you in a couple hours. And, you will not be charged for that part. We bill only, exclusively, for whatever work we do on your behalf.

These products are all marketed as DIY. But, if you are coming in cold, with minimal know-how, you are liable to be initially baffled. Call us to inquire how we can help you. Also please be aware that we can step in to administer almost any existing website.

Econo-Priced DIY Website Builders For Small Business

econo solutions

low-budget hosted builders

When money is an extreme object, enter the hosted DIY website builders. They use prefab templates with a grab bag of rudimentary apps. The upsides are simplicity, reliability, no maintenance and low price. We can help you with any of these. Call for a quote.

Drag-and-drop builder known for hip templates. Favored by creatives for displaying and selling their work. If you like splashy and now, this might be the one.

Popular hosted website builder lets people who know less than nothing create a quick website. Biggest choice of templates. Easy drag-and-drop layout.

Ultra-easy hosted builder targets extreme untechies who like having fewer choices. All homepages use one layout. Offers a suite of very basic but functional apps.

Perennially popular for those starting businesses on a shoestring. Their truly free plan is for all you folks who don't want to spend even a penny on this stuff.