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Milwaukee Web Design For Nonprofits

Official emblem of the distinctive Milwaukee web designers known for highest-quality work

Milwaukee Web Design For Nonprofits

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Official emblem of the distinctive Milwaukee web designers known for highest-quality work

Milwaukee Web Design For Nonprofits

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Support The Mission: Web Design For Nonprofits

Support The Mission

The agency website isn't just a website. It circulates the lifeblood of your organization. We get that part. And, as a progressive business ourselves, we love progressive enterprises.

About Web Design For Nonprofits

custom solutions

what you're getting

You will be working with someone who inhabits your world. We build sites for nonprofits, causes, influence campaigns and CBOs. Advance the mission, grow your fanbase and kickstart fund raising. We love progressive causes and grassroots organizations. And, we know your world because we come from it. Javelin founder Jim Gribble has worked at senior levels at two of Milwaukee's cornerstone nonprofit institutions: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and MATC. We pride ourselves as a progressive agency.

Deep immersion in the nonprofit sector will guide our thinking on your behalf, as we collaborate on solutions to your top-line challenges. You may qualify for a pro bono discount of up to 50 percent off. You're getting much more than just a website. Build the digital infrastructure to strengthen your supporter relationships and scale your organization. Strengthen the bonds with your fanbase and donor communities. Heighten the public profile of your enterprise. Unlock the untapped power of the activated community you’ve built.

Web design and development for Milwaukee nonprofits
Designing and building websites for Milwaukee charities and nonprofits

Popular Apps

• Integrated e-blast

• Donations - any amount

• Sustaining membership

• Event register and pay

• Social media integration

• Photo/video galleries

• Private social networks

• Document upload

• Dynamic splash pages

• Report submission

• Interactive slideshows

• Online invoice payment

• Volunteer signup

• ADA/WCAG compliance

Select Your Tools: Web Design For Nonprofits

Select Your Tools

A modern website is a technology hub. It works like the operating system of your PC or mobile device. We can install a vast range of plugin apps to do whatever needs doing. For you, communication-related extensions will be critical. Real-time social media integration is mandatory. We'll add an advanced e-mail marketing system for beautifully designed newsletters, bulletins, press releases and everyday e-blasts. It beats Constant Contact, plus integrates seamlessly with your user database. Also consider a built-in blog to keep all your stakeholder groups in the loop. Don't think of this as just a website. It's a powerful tool to help overcome your manifest everyday challenges.

Choose from a vast array of productivity plugins for your nonprofit website
Nonprofit Websites: Your Everyday Challenges

Your Everyday Challenges

✔ Competing for dollars

✔ Volunteer management

✔ Managing donor expectations

✔ Stakeholder communications

✔ Winning new followers

✔ Stretching scarce resources

✔ Increased service demands

✔ Rallying core funders

✔ Board recruitment

✔ Board relations

✔ Staffing management

✔ Donor recognition

✔ Cultivating new funders

✔ Regulatory compliance

✔ Community engagement

✔ Credibility building

✔ Corporate image management

✔ Expanding your fanbase

✔ Intra-agency relations

✔ Government relations

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a progressive agency

from the javelin blog
By Jim Gribble

It's not about preaching or proselytizing. It doesn't mean we hold forth or pontificate. It just means that in going about our business we walk the talk of the American Progressive Movement in the 21st Century. What the heck does that have to do with web design? Nowadays, much more than you imagine.

a progressive agency

Preferred Solutions - Web Design For Nonprofits

the nitty gritty

All you know is that you need a nice website because the old one sucks; or you've never even had one. It just has to work. You don't care how we're going to make it. But, for those relatively few clients who do care, see below. Maybe you're particular about the technology, and even have a preferred platform.

extendable open-sourced workhorses

These custom websites are built to grow with your mission-driven social enterprise. For nonprofits, causes and influencer campaigns. They belong to the dynamic universe of open-source web development. Your website feeds off a vast, rapidly evolving ecosystem. The website is infinitely extendable and can become whatever you need it to become. We have freedom to design anything we can imagine. It's the best solution for agencies which regard brand projection as mandatory.

The best open-source content management system
Best custom website builder for WordPress
Ultimate custom HTML module for WordPress

Your site will be custom-designed and built with the best tools available today: WordPress CMS platform, Divi builder from Elegant Themes and the Smart Slider 3 custom HTML module. We'll be able to achieve a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look and feel that displays beautifully across the entire viewport range - smartphones to HD monitors. Tableless, flexbox, auto-scaling layout is the secret. Nonprofit sites by definition have to be versatile workhorses. The twin emphases will alway be on fund raising and stakeholder communications. Today it's also about leveraging social web to spread your message outward from the website, virally. All websites for nonprofits share a lot in common with membership websites. We will set you up with some of the same powerful tools, starting with the incredible MemberPress plugin for building communities, creating gated content, taking in money, managing events and generating targeted e-blasts - to name only some of its capabilities. At right, see a more complete description of recommended extensions.

Best membership website plugin for WordPress
Best CRM and social web plugin for WordPress
Best donation plugin for WordPress
Best organic SEO plugin for WordPress
Best forms extension for WordPress
Premier event management plugin for WordPress

The MemberPress plugin accepts dozens of related integrations to manage online donations, create beautiful e-mail campaigns, manage ticketed events and much more.

Jetpack WP puts an awesome array of social web extensions at your fingertips.

Raise money directly from your website with Give WP, the premier online donations app.

For improving your Google ranking, Yoast SEO is unmatched.

Build awesome custom forms for any purpose you can imagine with Gravity Forms.

Run all your RSVP gatherings with the premier event management app, The Events Calendar.

Enterprise Products - Web Design For Nonprofits

econo solutions

low-budget hosted builders

Nonprofits, movements, campaigns and causes now can choose from an array of hosted all-in-one website builders. This family of DIY products came out of the same thinking that gave rise to the hosted website builders for membership enterprises and e-commerce. They propose inexpensive bundled solutions to big complicated problems. And they offer coding-free admin experiences. The impact and the performance can't match a custom website. But for cash-strapped agencies they represent a fast and relatively affordable way to get online with a presentable website, now. We can help you get started with any of these. Call for a quote today.

Hosted DIY website builder for nonprofits

Hosted DIY website builder offers a well-rounded solution for community organizations. Create pages for petitions, donations, events, sign-ups and more. Allow users to share your content via social web and create their own content. Process event registrations and accept payment. Create gated sections for volunteers, donors, followers etc. Online donor database shows you trends. Send targeted e-blasts by means of an integrated system which builds distribution lists by filtering site members. Personalize funding texts and e-mails. Supports monthly or annual online giving. More than 80 productivity apps. Pro plans costs $139 a month. Includes a people database of up to 15K contacts.

Hosted DIY website builder for nonprofits

Intriguing hosted builder for nonprofits calls itself “a middle ground between DIY and custom websites.” You cannot get to a true custom website with Wired Impact, but it does engender more customization than usual. Also is extendable, being based on WordPress. Another plus: It is very comprehensive and gives you all the mandatory functionalities in one neat, coding-free bundle. The company touts its strong support and even promises to assign a “project manager” to first-time customers. Very aggressive support of site-based fund raising. Put a "donate" button anywhere. Small agencies might get by with the Core plan at $69 a month. Any mature agency will do the Grow plan at $179 a month.

Hosted DIY website builder for nonprofits

Stakes a claim as the easiest hosted DIY website builder for nonprofits. Moreweb also touts strong customer support as part of the deal. Permits only the slightest customization, but you wind up with a professional-looking modernist nonprofit website; with the full range of mandatory functionalities for mission-driven enterprises. Frontend drag-and-drop editor allows even the most extreme untechie to update content, without going to the backend control panel. Build intuitive online donation forms. Create user groups and selectively gate pages just for them. Includes integrated members directory. Process event registrations and payment. Three plans offered starting at $99 a month.

Hosted website builder for nonprofits

This hosted solution strongly resembles Wired Impact. Both are built on WordPress. Firespring however offers professional customization and charges substantial setup fees for it. In concept it echoes the acclaimed MemberPress plugin for associations and clubs. Except the only way to get the plugin is to buy a hosted website from the company; and have the company design the frontend. They will completely handle the technical side. Has a nice suite of apps. Admin experience is clean, uncluttered and intuitive for extreme nontechies – worlds apart from he usual confusing mishmash of disparate configuration screens. Their entry-level plan starts at $95 a month, with a onetime setup fee of $2,699.

general-purpose hosted builders

The above solutions are for mission-driven, permanent, ongoing social enterprises which hope to plant deep roots and build longevity. Popup causes and campaigns, built around fleeting sociopolitical issues, may not be able to, or want to, make such a big infrastructure investment. Hence they often turn to the general-purpose hosted DIY website builders. Their app portfolios all include the very basic and simple tools you need. It is fast and cheap to get into one of them, then get out when the mission is accomplished, and you move on to the next cause. We can help you get started with any of them. Call today for your quote.

Beautiful, sleek, minimalist templates and the basic apps for a nonprofit website

Top all-arounder among hosted builders with huge template selection and decent apps

Ultra-simple for rapid website buildouts with range of super-basic but functional apps

The one remaining hosted website builder still offering a credible and truly free plan

Clever drag-and-drop builder engenders more advanced customization

Nonprofit web design pricing

No two projects are alike. So, no two projects cost the same. However, you can find some ballpark numbers on our pricing page. We love a good cause and offer substantial discounts to benevolent nonprofits.

Every project is unique, but here are some ballpark numbers.
Builders of engaging, affordable websites for Milwaukee e-commerce.