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Bringing more than you imagine to Milwaukee web design and development

Where We Differ

Big capabilities without the big bill

Vivid, eloquent, dynamic. That's what we do, whether for a startup venture, small business or a blue chip company. Whatever the scope of your project, the outcome will be elegantly distinctive. We also build in SEO. Branding know-how? Check. Commission an economical custom website that looks great, reads well, gets seen, works hard and works anywhere on all mobile devices. For website design and so much more, discover Javelin Communications. We're the web designers Milwaukee chooses. The Milwaukee web design firm that makes the difference.

Bringing more than you imagine to Milwaukee web development and design

"Multitalented" is the characteristic that sets us apart from the typical Milwaukee web design shop. You're getting a big bundle of important related competencies. For such a small independent firm to possess them is unique. Normally you'd have to go to a big agency.

Nowadays there are plenty of fairly cheap do-it-yourself options for throwing up a quick website. But what if you can't design? What if you can't write? What if you're not very creative? What if you're an Internet klutz? What if you're not a marketing whiz? What if you've never worked with digital media?

What if an epiphany brought you face-to-face with the fact that you're not competent to do it yourself, even if someone has made it technically feasible for you to try?

Then you're the kind of self-aware client who calls us. You know the value in having all of this done for you professionally, effectively, sticking it. You know you can't match the skills we bring, and to try and match them would waste your time big-time. You possess substantial abilities, but they lie elsewhere.

Five basic options in choosing a Milwaukee web designerFive basic options in choosing a Milwaukee web designer

Narrowing The Field

Choosing a website designer boils down to five basic options.

Whiz Kid Meetup

Failure to Communicate

To meet these puppies is a high-energy trip. They grew up writing code and know every cool trick. After all they're the progeny of the first digital generation in human history. Need a mobile app? Done. Want to get to the top of Google? Game on. OMG, let's not forget social media! How many circles do you want? The problem comes when you task them to help you out with marketing and branding. That's where they run aground. Communicating - not their deal. They've spent their whole life looking at screens, not at other human faces. What they know is so awesome. If only they could tell you.

Ad Agencies

A Core Weakness

Pretty much every agency in town has a small website shop. It's usually treated as a poor relation because the agency's big billable hours come from old-media advertising like radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, packaging and glossy magazines. You might get some good thinking relative to marketing strategy. But despite the steep cost you're going to find out the hard way that they're on the trailing edge of web technology. They also might well see you as too small an account to bother with. They will set things up to make sure that nobody else knows how to manage the website. And for that you will receive very, very large monthly bills.

Creative Geniuses

Deep Pockets a Must

This type of company presents itself as doing custom web design at the very top end of Internet marketing. Their work is going to be powerful, beautiful and quite expensive. If you care how much it costs, you are outside their target market. You will be taking delivery of an all-custom, proprietary-programmed website product that cannot be managed or repaired by anyone other than the company that built it. It's going to behoove you to pin them down about what "custom" really means. Most "custom" developers work from a set of favorite style sheets which they edit. Just like so-called "template" developers.

Big IT Firms

Prisoner for Life

You'll be dealing with a fairly large company that's been around for at least 10 years. They will have built their reputation on expensive custom-programmed solutions for tasks such as content management and e-commerce. Albeit at a premium price, the stuff does work. The problem is, it's been rendered obsolete by inexpensive or even free Internet software like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. If you go with the big digital agency, be prepared to pay the freight, because their products are going to be based on super-expensive, proprietary programs from Big Software companies like Microsoft and Adobe. Be prepared to deal with the reality that absolutely nobody else will be able to work on your website going forward.

The Small, Savvy Independents

Zeroing in on Value

That's us. We're like your friendly neighborhood mechanic. A highly capable and cheaper alternative to taking your car to the dealer. Also unlike the dealer, we won't sell you stuff you don't need. We can match the big boys when it comes to whiz bang. But we understand that story is king. Vividly conveying your brand story occupies our strategic focus. We're not here just to build websites. Javelin Communications builds brands. We exist completely apart from the royalty-mad influence of Big Software. Using affordable open-source methods which empower you to take charge of your own destiny.

Based in Milwaukee, Serving Milwaukee

We don't outsource web design or anything else to India or anywhere else. Your website will be built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. You will know the names of the people who built it. They will build a close working relationship with you. The project will be a pleasure, not a chore. And when it's done, we'll always be there for you if you get into a jam or need a little tutoring.

You also will receive a much higher level of personal service, compared to what you're used to. And you'll find us refreshingly easy to talk to, because we don't speak Geek to civilians.

We are marketers first, software  engineers second. The marketing intangibles we bring to the table are experience, maturity, strong analytical abilities, outstanding communication skills, sound judgment . . . And maybe, hopefully, something called wisdom.

We believe that if we dedicate ourselves solely – always – to your best interests, our own business will flourish. Our mission, stated most broadly, is to be of service.

May We Help You?

May we help you?

Enough about us, though. You need a website that converts visitors into customers. Plus maybe some highly targeted Internet marketing? Rather than drone on about our incomparable passion and superhero creative powers, we'd much rather hear about your project.

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Our Design Approach

May We Help You?

May we help you?

Enough about us, though. You need a website that converts visitors into customers. Plus maybe some highly targeted Internet marketing? Rather than drone on about our incomparable passion and superhero creative powers, we'd much rather hear about your project.

"Thank you, thank you for everything you're doing for us."
"The guy before you, it was like dragging around a limp noodle. You nailed it on the first try."
"With your creativity and imagination, you set a new standard which is going to be very hard to match."
"Wow, that's an awful lot of image for a small company."
"I love that site, it's one of the best I've ever seen. In fact I think it might be the best."
"The thing is, it's not just the design - it's written so damn well!"
"Nothing we accomplished this year would have been possible without that website."
"Congratulations, it's beautiful, Jim, like everything you do."
"Jim, everybody knows that everything you touch turns to gold."