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Open Source Web Design = Freedom

The New CMS Website Builders

A better way to build better websites

Once upon a time, all websites were hand-made. Someone sat at a screen and wrote miles of HTML text. The miles of code were uploaded to the Internet to take the site live. Then, for ease of use, an expensive, bad-tempered content management system (CMS) got grafted on. Plenty of ugliness often ensued. It was the best way to go about it at the time, but thankfully times have changed. You the client now possess unprecedented freedom.

Today websites are built from the ground up with a CMS. It serves as the site chassis – its technical backbone. Other programs are plugged in to control the overall look and feel of the site; and perform specific tasks such as e-commerce. When you build websites like that, CMS headaches go away. Everything works together in harmony.

Modern Websites Are Built With 'Content Management Systems'

Meet the new open-source content management website builders.The freedom of open-source content management website builders.So, exactly what is a CMS? Sorry to toss out another acronym, but it's nothing more than a GUI - graphical user interface. To do something – say reformat a headline or edit an article – you simply point at an icon and click. A tools menu opens. Voila. No need for you to know the computer language underneath.  It's exactly how the familiar desktop on your PC works.

There are many, many benefits to doing it this way, but three stand out. First, CMS-based web design goes much faster, saving you money. Second, it gives you the power to manage your own website. You might still get a few tech support kachings, for especially thorny problems, but the incidence will go way down. Again saving you money. Finally, the best CMS platforms are free, open-source, community software programs, continually improved by a global network of public-spirited developers. Elsewhere on our site, read why we like the Joomla CMS for small businesses. It's downloadable for free. Saving you what?

On The Other Hand . . .

Some clients want the simplicity and peace of mind brought about by having us handle everything. They like our creative way with words and graphics. They value our insights into brand strategy. They're willing to pay more to make sure their online brand image is professional, polished and compelling.  We can certainly do it that way if you prefer. But if you're the other kind of client, confident in your ability to put your best face forward, we're your digital agency. Go with the web developers who prefer to hand over the power and the freedom to you. 

Normalizing The Vocabulary of Web Design