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Slow-Cooked Feast

Organic SEO nourishment for your Google ranking.To hell with it if it's not instant. So goes the mantra of this our brave new world. That's why it's always a bit of an uphill battle to sell something that by definition takes its own sweet time: organic SEO. Whereas PPC is fast food cooked in a fryer, you cook organic SEO slowly in a crock pot. Takes way longer, but the nutritional value is so much higher. And the health benefits so much longer-lasting.

"Organic" Google listings are much more credible to users - three times more credible than paid PPC search results, in fact. But it's neither cheap nor fast. Success requires time, dedication and patience. Think of PPC as a battle-winning strategy, and SEO as a war-winning strategy.

Exactly How Long Does It Take?

The best answer is: longer than you wished. There are several reasons.

1. No one can predict how quickly Google will index your site. It can take weeks or even months.

2. Google trusts established domains. If it's a new site with all-new data, you will be demoted behind mature sites which are deep into the SEO game.

3. The competition can be stiff. To a large degree, your SEO results will depend on the SEO savviness of your competitors. If they're paying attention, you're in for a tussle. If they're not paying attention, your SEO campaign could be a pleasure cruise.

4. Google gives extra credit for high traffic. Here again, established domains with their steady volume will be ahead of you in line.

What Can You Do About It?

Hire people who know what they're doing and be prepared to pay them for doing it. Know that effective organic SEO requires a unique blend of technical, creative and strategic marketing skills. It costs what it does because those skills are at a high premium, and the process itself involves long, tedious hours of labor.

In other words, hire for quality. Assure yourself that all best practices will be applied to solving the problem. Understand that long-term results greatly depend on astute technique. Go into this with the attitude that it's a long-term investment which will require periodic reinvestment.

Based on our track record of results for other clients, we can wholeheartedly assure you that this approach works. You will dramatically increase your search engine visibility. If you'd like to learn more, contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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