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Jim Gribble

Jim Gribble

Jim Gribble is the founder and owner of Javelin Communications.

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Mlwaukee E-mail Marketing

Posted by Jim Gribble
Jim Gribble
Jim Gribble is the founder and owner of Javelin Communications.
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on Thursday, 04 October 2012
in milwaukee e-mail marketing systems

Milwaukee E-Mail Marketing

End Your Reliance on Constant Contact

E-mail Marketing Technology Comes Built-In When We Build Your New Joomla Website

Here's an example of a recent e-blast for a new manufacturing client in Milwaukee.

Plenty of people use Constant Contact for their e-mail marketing. Too many, in fact. There's a better, cheaper, more effective way. Have your e-blast system built right into your Joomla website. You own it outright, and it will do a lot more. Also, say goodbye to managing a freestanding contact database. Your existing databases feed right into this system.

We can train you in the design basics. Or we can design and manage your e-blasts ourselves. Having us do it will ensure that your e-blast makes a powerful visual impression and has a tightly focused message.

Embedded hyperlinks can point to any page of your website. For really special promotions, we might recommed that you build a special page and point the campaign to it. Also, for example, embed a YouTube video window.

Your campaign need not simply point to your homepage. The range of possibilities is virtually endless.

The e-blast must be tastefully done and offer instant value to recipients. Otherwise they'll hit delete. Announce something new or say something new. Reminding people that you exist is simply not enough.

To shore up your results, consider running a simultaneous Internet ad campaign on search engines and social media. These can be dialed in to geographic territories and target demographics. Integrate, integrate and integrate your strategies and then integrate them some more.

This technology comes standard with new Javelin websites. We also can handle the whole thing for you from the Javelin website. To learn more, call us.

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